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    MIRACLE is a leading chemical supplier with the facilities in China since 2007. We mainly focus on Wet-end Chemical for paper industry such as AKD size, rosin size, surface size, retention aids, strengthen agent and other relative chemicals for Paper Making, Water Treatment, Textile, Mining and Metallurgy, such as Acrylamide, Polyacrylamide, dyestuff, water treatment and so on. We have our own technical team to support customers requirements and optimize our product application on paper machines. We can also provide with customer-oriented solution for customer site. We believe the chemical can create miracle in life.

    At Miracle, we strive to stay ahead of our customers’ next challenge. This begins with our legacy of industry expertise and continues with our ongoing innovations. We match each customer's unique process with the right people, bringing the right experience, offering the right technology. Miracle provides specialty chemicals for paper industries, but we’re so much more than a supplier. Our teams are proactive, building deep business partnerships to provide results that our customers value.